Villa Pavia

Villa Pavia, discover where to stay

Villa Pavia, discover where to stay

Villa in Pavia. Wishing for an unforgettable vacation? If you are yearning to switch off daily stress and are searching where to stay in Lombardy then this is the section you need. To stay in a villa means to pick a perfect accommodation where it is possible to relax either by yourselves or with the entire family. 

Staying at a villa in Pavia is what we recommend if you desire to live unique experiences. It is the ideal location for a romantic getaway or to explore Pavia and see its treasures like the Cathedral the museums and the University, where prominent figures used to teach or study. 

Pavia is only a few kilometers away from Milan and is traversed by the Po and Ticino rivers, fit for a relaxing weekend surrounded by art, culture and greenery. Don't forget to visit the Oltrepò in the countryside and the vineyards where the finest grapes comprise the main ingredient of some of the Region's famous wines. 

Stay in Lombardy and walk along the waterstreams that go across it. The Naviglio touches the Certosa on its way and several watermills spread down the river until arriving to the city. 

Sojourn at a villa in Pavia and delve into the inspiring attractions and landmarks that the province has to offer.

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Find exactly what you're looking for! Find exactly what you're looking for!

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