Villa Varese

Villa Varese, choose where to stay

Villa Varese, choose where to stay

Villa Varese. Live a wonderful experience with the whole family or among good friends. Are you searching where to stay in Lombardy? Then look no further. Follow our advice and stay at a villa, comfort and convenience are guaranteed. 

If you wish to relax in the middle of the countryside while being close to the city, go ahead and sojourn in a villa. Varese is renowned for its lush scenery and inspiring lakes like the Maggiore and Ceresio, plus rivers and waterstreams such as the Olona, Ticino and Tresa.

Where else can you go? Whether it is for a long vacation or just for the weekend, if you decide to stay in Lombardy, it is certain that you will not run out of things to see and places to visit. You will get the chance to leave everyday stress behind and still be near the urban center, where numerous attractions and landmarks await.  

Varese counts with four Unesco Heritage Sites where pilgrims have been treading on for centuries and tourists nowadays admire during their travels: San Giorgio, the Sacro Monte trail, the Stilts of the Alpine Arch and the Castrum of Castelseprio. 

Staying at a villa in Varese will grant you the amenities that can be expected from such a structure and the freedom to move around the province as you see fit.  

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Find exactly what you're looking for! Find exactly what you're looking for!

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